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Expert Tile and Stone Care
Expert Tile and Stone Care
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Let's Paint a Picture

Carpet 1st Owner Kris Sokalski

"It's early Saturday morning and you wake up looking to have a relaxing day after a hard week at enter into your kitchen and notice how soiled the tile and grout has become and you just cleaned it two weeks ago. Realizing that your day has just been stolen from you, you decide to spend half of it on your hands and knees maticulously scrubbing each and ever grout line and crevice in the tile. When you're done, you're proud of yourself but realize that you may be back in the same position two weeks from now..."

When it comes to cleaning your tile and grout, over the counter products are not 'restoration' products to bring your tile and grout back to its original beauty...they are meant to provide a sanitary environment while removing some of the top layers of ground in soil.

Here at Carpet 1st, we have created a system of cleaning your tile and grout in your home where not only will it provide a sanitary and healthy environment for you and your family, but will also restore your tile and grout back to its best possible condition. In many cases, back to its best possible condition means a "looks like new" condition.

However, here's the best part, once your tile and grout has been cleaned, we can seal your grout lines for you so instead of you spending half the day every other week, it will only take you minutes. Our grout sealer is nothing like you've ever experienced before. There are plenty of grout sealing products available to you over the counter...they will do their job...but they are water based and will wear off relatively quickly and easily using everyday cleaning solutions.

Our grout sealer is solvent based, dries quickly, does'nt change the color of your grout, leaves no residue, and it's impossible to notice until you have a spill or its time to clean. Our sealer will save you time, money and effort over the course of its life which will finally give you back your freedom to your weekends and free time.

Our 9 Step Tile & Grout Cleaning Process is Guaranteed to Amaze you:

  1. Pre-Inspection & Written Price Quote:
    Before any work is performed we will identify the fiber type and weave of the fabric, recommend the appropriate cleaning techniques and offer a solid price quote for our services.

  2. Protection of Your Home and Furnishings:
    After a thorough pre-inspection of the upholstered furnishings to be cleaned, we then protect your household valuables, floors and walls using items such as shoe covers, entrance mats and corner protectors.

  3. Scientifically Formulated Pre-Treatment:
    Depending upon whether you have a natural tile such as saltillo or terracatta or a synthetic tile such as porcelin or ceramic, we will apply a scientifically formulated pre-treatment that will rejuvenate, brighten and clean the tile and grout back to 'like new' condition.

  4. Grout Line Solution Agitation:
    The pre-treatment is then gently agitated using hand tools and in some severe cases using a rotary machine while also allowing ample dwell time of the cleaning formula to produce a cleaning that you will be extactic about. This step assists to thoroughly dislodge ground in soil and remove as many spots and stains as scientifically possible. Our pretreatment and agitation of the grout lines is an extremely important step of an overall professional cleaning system that strives for optimum results.

  5. Fresh Water Rinsing and High PSI Extraction System:
    Carpet 1st takes pride in cleaning to only the highest in tile and grout cleaning standards. After the pre-treatment emulsifies and dislodges soils from the tile and grout, Carpet 1st uses a specialized rinsing process to remove detergent residues and leave the tile and grout in a condition that you have probably not seen it in years. With specialty trade tools, we are able to produce a contained pressure washing system where the soil that was once an eyesore on your floors is swept quickly out to our cleaning vehicle outside. Simply stated we do not cut corners and take pride in delivering our clients the latest in cleaning technologies for your home.

  6. Expediting the Drying Process:
    The dry times for tile and grout are measured in minutes and not hours. In some cases professional air movers will be used to expedite the drying process more quickly for you so that you can get back to your life as quickly as possible.

  7. Post Protection of Your Household Valuables and Carpeting: After moving all furniture back to its original location, any necessary protection such as plastic tabs and styrofoam blocks will placed underneath each of the legs to protect the furniture from any moisture that may be present as well as protect your carpeting from varnish/furniture stains. Also, if there are any particular protection needs on the upholstery such as metal buttons, etc.; additional protection measures will be taken as necessary.

  8. Adding a Layer of Protection:
    Protecting your grout is probably one of the most important steps in our process. Once your tile and grout has been restored back to its best possible condition, your grout lines will be especially vulnerable to staining and re-soiling because there will not be a layer of protection between the porous grout lines and the soil and staining that can occur through everyday use.

    Our grout sealing process is performed the following day to ensure that all moisture that is entered into the grout lines has had a chance to evaporate. Once we seal your grout with our unique sealer that will out perform any 'over the counter' grout sealer, with the proper care, you will be able to have beautiful looking tile floors for months upon months instead of just days.

  9. Our No Fine Print - No Gimmick Guarantee:
    If after our post inspection of the cleaning that we have performed for you (and even up to 10 days later), you are not satisfied with our workmanship, we will come back out to your home and reclean any problem areas for free. If you are still not satisfied within those 10 days, we will refund your money...period. Our goal is to make you an extactic and overjoyed customer of Carpet 1st and we will strive in every way possible to meet that goal with you...our customer.

Give us a call today for a FREE in-home inspection and price quote. 410-747-2447

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